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A forward-looking planner

Key features

Always open on Today

Your todays create your life, take control of your days

Key features

Build and eliminate habits

Your life can improve bit by bit - habit by habit. Create good habits and eliminate bad habits. Track your activities to turn them into habits.

Key features

Year / Month / Week View

See your long-term and short-term plans, goals and notes at a glance. There are ideas and notes which you do not want to lose after a week or month is over. Always keep your day in perspective.

Key features


Our innovative bookmarks make it easy to always find the page that you're looking for

key features


The planner supports you in making small continuous improvements in your daily life. Don't expect huge changes overnight, make small changes that accumulate in bigger results over time

Key features


Work on projects to achieve goals. Anything you want to achieve can be turned into a project. Set aside the needed time and work toward it.


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